5 ways to use the Miraculous Oil

1. Hot oil treatment

Detangle your hair and apply the Suki Suki Naturals Miraculous Oil evenly throughout your hair. Massage it into your scalp in circular motion and the length of your hair concentrating on the ends. Cover your head with a shower cap and hot wet towel or heated cap and leave on for a minimum of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, for 1a – 2c hair (fine and straight hair), wash hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. For type 3a – 4c hair (thicker curly and oily hair) rinse out oil with lukewarm water, and follow up with your normal conditioner.

2. Add to your mask/conditioner

Suki Suki Naturals Miraculous Oil can be added to your favorite hair mask to penetrate the cuticle of the hair and to add deeper nourishment to your. After shampooing, take the same amount of hair mask as you would normally use in the palm of your hand. Dispense 1 to 2 droppers of the Miraculous Oil into the palm of your hand for type 1a – 2c hair, for 3a – 4c hair types and 3to 4 droppers to your mask and mix together. Apply evenly from root to tip. Section your hair and comb through for a smoother application and leave in for a minimum of 20 minutes. After rinsing, your hair will feel softer and rejuvenated. Use at least once a week for better results.

3. Overnight treatment

For an intensive overnight treatment, coat your hair with the Suki Suki Naturals Miraculous Oil. Apply two full droppers to dry hair (if you have fine hair, you might want to reduce this amount) and pay extra attention to the tips. Wrap your hair and allow the active ingredients to work their way to the cuticle of your hair, repairing and rebuilding every strand while you’re asleep. In the morning, finer hair textures should wash with a sulfate-free shampoo and thicker curly to coily hair should rinse with lukewarm water. Weekly treatment will result in healthier and visibly stronger hair.

4. Pre-styling

The Suki Suki Naturals Miraculous Oil can be used before your styling routine for a healthier looking and shinier hair. Antioxidants in the Miraculous Oil prevent hair damage and protect your hair during styling, resulting in a voluminous and conditioned mane from root to tip. Simply apply a few drops (depending on the thickness and length of your hair), concentrating on the ends at the start of your styling routine.

Important: make sure the oil has been absorbed by the hair before styling. Never use heated styling tools on hair that feels wet.

5. Finishing

Never skip the finishing touch. Dispense a few drops of the Suki Suki Naturals Miraculous Oil in the palm of your hand, warm it up by rubbing between your fingers then gently run through dry hair. Use as part of your daily styling routine or as a quick touch-up throughout the day to reduce frizz and flyaways and instantly boost shine

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