Beyond the bottle: Mango Butter

When Suki Suki officially launched, we had 3 products: Miraculous OilHydro-Protective Hair Mist, and Mango Butter. We wanted to offer a good butter from the start; one that would noticeably soften hair & skin.


African hair textures tend toward coils and curls that are more susceptible to dryness, and therefore breakage. The discomfort of dryness is seen as characteristic of our hair (and sometimes our skin, too), but we knew it didn’t have to be that way: a great butter could protect moisture. While shea butter deserves all the glory it gets, it wasn’t everything we needed in a softening butter, so we searched the continent for more.


We found familiar treats like cocoa and new ones like avocado, but Ghanaian Mango Seed Butter emerged as the star of the show and the heart of our formula. Extracted by cold-pressing the kernel inside a mango seed, its easily-absorbed softening properties for both skin and hair are incredible.

The thing we hear the most about our Mango Butter is that it’s your hair’s best friend at the end of a wash & go: you love how it penetrates strands (and skin!) instead of sitting on the surface like thicker butters might. We achieved that by realising how amazing Africa’s best butters could be if we combined them.


Cocoa butter promotes skin elasticity, Avocado butter penetrates skin and hair better than most, and Shea butter is famously nourishing, but when it comes to softening hair and skin, mango’s regenerative, emollient, antioxidant-rich and skin-barrier friendly butter wins out. Our blend is designed to give your hair and skin all the goodness each one of them has to offer.

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